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The Atomians

[Imperial Master]Seong-Il Kim
Don't ever give up

Imperial Master Seong-Il Kim. If you've just recently joined Atomy, you've probably heard his name amongst the successful members. However, Kim had his dark days as well. Kim used to be a typical salary man, but he had hit rock bottom when he fell for the temptation of attaining success overnight. He continued struggling for 10 years, and in the process his family broke down, and Kim was only making his mother worry more, whom he had to take care of. When he first encountered Atomy, the business seemed too good to be true. "When I look back now, I was very foolish. The System had already been set up. All I had to do was follow the System."

Atomy - a turning point

Kim had not even thought of turning his life around. He had almost given up on Atomy, when the business had turned IM Seong-Il Kim's life upside down. Kim actually did not expect to turn his life around through Atomy. He had given up all hopes and dreams, so he had nothing to lose. Having started with low expectations, Atomy was starting to influence Kim's desolate life with a glimmer of hope. "I just approached the business head on. If it turned out bad, then too bad. If I were to succeed, then it would be fortunate. Since Atomy's products were good-quality and affordable, I slowly acquired a consumer base and partners as well." The greatest gift to someone who has lost hope, is hope. Atomy did just that. And Kim's life which had been rejuvenated with atomy's hope, turned upside down.

Kim had recommended Atomy to also his son, who had recently been discharged from the military. Kim thought it was not a bad option to jump into the professional world through Atomy if his son didn't have other plans in mind, since it was a difficult time to get a good job anyways. Success is not defined by merely making a lot of money; however, it is also true that if you are financially stable, you can live out your dream by doing the things that you love. "I think it's better to do Atomy business, if you're going to be studying more to get a higher-paying job. Atomy is like an insurance for life. My son also agreed with my proposal."

You need to break the stereotype in order to see Atomy clearer

Imperial Master Seong-Il Kim is slightly elated these days. He has great expectations for the unlimited potential of the overseas market. "These days, I feel the need to travel the world because Atomy is expanding to all over the world. There are many high-ranking leaders here in Korea, but they are hard to find abroad." Some might think that there's still a lot of more work to be done in Korea, so why bother with the global market. But Kim thinks otherwise. To Kim, Atomy was the catalyst that turned his life around, and there are many more abroad who are looking for that opportunity to turn their life around as well. To share Atomy to such people means to provide them an opportunity to live better lives. "They won't be able to succeed just by receiving information and support from us. We must help them realize the true value of Atomy, so that they will be able to concentrate in this business."

Unfortunately, most of the people who realize Atomy's true value still reside only in Korea. It is difficult for the Korean members to visit abroad for a short time, in order to help others realizethe true value of Atomy. That is why Imperial Master Kim feels like he has to travel abroad more in the future. Things have changed a lot since the days where Kim had to live hand to mouth, but his eyes have a sincere look these days. The sight he witnessed in the Philippines, which is the seventh branch office overseas, still remains fresh in his memory. The set of 7,000 eyes staring at him on stage was something Kim had never experienced in Korea. He will probably not able to forget that moment, which was charged with emotion, nervousness, and pride all at the same time. That's probably also why Kim has great expectations for Atomy Philippines. "The Philippines is one of the few countries that have the right conditions for network marketing to succeed in. It has a consumer population of over 100 million people, and the people are very friendly and love to chat with one another." Maybe that was what motivated Imperial Master Kim to build a school in the Philippines. "The total land area of the school is24,793 m2 with a floor space of 2,644 m2. The construction will be completed in October of next year, and the school will begin in the year after."

A respectable man, Seong-Il Kim

Imperial Master Seong-Il Kim's dream is to become a respectable man. "I want to live a respectable life. A life with no shame, and a dignified life. Some might cringe at me saying this, but since I've mentioned it a lot during my lectures, maybe people will think of me when they hear the phrase, 'a respectable man' (laughs). Actually, Kim has a naturally shy character, so he had a hard time appearing before a lot of people.That's why he says he wants to be a respectable man. Kim is also not very detailed, so many people including his partners sometimes feel uncomfortable. The statement above is also a promise with himself that he will truly become a respectable man who can care for others in a detailed manner.

The secret to Imperial Master Kim's success is actually quite cliché. 'Break the stereotype. Don't be greedy'. Such phrases can be easily heard from other people. In reality, all secrets to success are not rocket science; nor is it really a secret. It's just that most people are not able to apply them in their lives. If you're stuck in your preconceived idea of what network marketing is, then you won't be able to see the Atomy as a tool for your success. "My past failures made me more desperate, and it became an engine for my growth. Such experiences helped me break my stereotypes, and it helped me empty myself. Without such experiences, I would not have joined Atomy; nor would I have become successful as I am now."

The message that Kim wants to tell people who are now just starting Atomy is simple. It is, "Never give up!" He says that you should never give up. "In the beginning, most people are excited because they are on cloud nine. This can also lead them to be disappointed quickly and give up on Atomy. I recommend that you set a timeline for yourself, and give everything you have within that timeline." You must invest time to succeed in Atomy. If you can invest enough time and march on forward step-by-step, then you will be able to taste success that is beyond your imagination. However, the second you give up, all of your passion and energy will disappear like dust.

Seong-Il Kim was once just a normal salary-man. He had also hit rock bottom, wandering in the dark, considering hope to be a mere luxury. But now, he has become a global leader of Atomy. Kim has lived a life of a rollercoaster. Now he is able to confidently say, "Empty yourself and throw away your greed. If you break your stereotype and see the world with an open mind, you will be able to find Atomy there."

A single phrase describing Atomy

'The turning point of my life'


01 Break your stereotype

02 Get rid of your greed

03 Don't give up

If I had not joined Atomy, I would still be a chauffeur.


01. Climbing the highest point on earth

02. Traveling with family in a camping car

In the beginning, no one expected this business to get so big. But today, Atomy has become a business, in which people can expect greater success. Even for someone like me with limited insight, I can see the dream of the swan becoming a reality.

Imperial Master Seong-Il Kim's Key Point

Point 01 To live

Live a life with no shame

"Ihave lived a life full of shame, a life where I could not even utter my name to others. I hated those times when I had to dodge people whom I knew. That is why I wanted to live a confident life with no shame, and now I have realized that dream.

Point 02 To love

Sharing the love that I have received

"For my beloved family, I wanted to do the type of work that I was capable of doing. I can still remember when my mother told me, 'Son, you did well,' when I was promoted to Imperial Master. Now, I want to share the love that I have received to my family, partners, and to those who are less fortunate."

Point 03 To learn

Learning to be the hero of my life

"Since having encountered Atomy, I've learned to be the hero of my life. I have also regained the life that I had once given up on. I have met a new partner in life, and I am now able to take care of my mother who had cleaned up after my mess my whole life. I am reborn as a respectable man of my family.

Point 04 A life of contribution

Building a school

"I am building a school in the Philippines. It is good to help financially, but I think it is more important to provide an education, so that the students can learn to overcome their problems on their own. Starting with the building of this school in the Philippines, I plan to keep building schools as long as the situation allows.



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