Blue Marine Savers

We are Blue Marine Savers,
protectors of the sea.

  • Bukkeumi

    I’m Bukkeumi, a proud eco-activist polar bear.
    I’m bashful,
    so don’t stare too long!

  • Pongdangi

    I’m Pongdangi, a penguin who likes splashing around.
    I want to frolic and play
    in a clean ocean!

  • Munggae

    I’m Munggae, a seal who wants to
    get rid of all disposable products.
    Plastic doesn’t stand a chance against me!

  • Yeomi

    I’m Yeomi, an arctic fox who enjoys
    a clean and healthy lifestyle.
    I want a life without microplastics!

#BlueMarineSavers say
hey-ho! Eco-friendly Real Life