Atomy's eco-friendly idea contest
for protecting marine life.

2021 Award Winners

Other Prizewinners

Product Finalists
  • “Han,” modern hanbok made from upcycling discarded PET bottles
  • Zero plastic waste and resource recycling
  • Eco-friendly smartphone case made from recycled waste collected from the sea (beaches, ports, etc.)
  • X Plastics Project
  • Replace and substitute plastic with edible material
  • Reusable Net Bottle
  • Atomy Natural Disinfection & Wall-mounted Vanity
  • Blue Marine Kinetic Art Upcycling Campaign
  • MoA (Marine of Atomy, Material of Atomy)
Content Finalists
  • Wecle
  • plz plastic zero
  • Keep the Blue blue (final)
  • What if waste rained from the sky?
  • Marine life had no say in it either
  • Our very own Blue Marine commercial
  • Day Dream
  • Atomy CARE (Clean Aware Recycle Environment)
  • Before it’s too late
Marketing Finalists
  • The one and only planet-saving Atomy
  • Eco-friendly brand Ecomy
  • Future Packaging Program
  • Blue Marine Beachcombing Campaign with Atomy
  • Drop in the ocean
  • Blue Marine Exhibition
  • Protect our oceans with Blue Marine